A hiker adapts to the landscape

Or you could say: your context shapes you…

My assignment for Art in highschool was: make paintings with as theme ‘A hiker is part of the landscape’. This made me ponder: is our identity and how we look, shaped by our surroundings? Or is it the other way around: do we choose the context which matches our personality and interests?

The high school paintings I made, play with the idea how we mirror our contexts. Not knowing I was soon to be part of a process, shaping me in an urban animal. Luckily, this process can be reversed 🙂

…. I believe

In that same year, I made a few other drawings and paintings before I stopped altogether. I do not include them as fine pieces of art (hahaha), but when I stumbled upon them recently, I was intrigued. They show dystopian images of urbanizing homo sapiens, creating global warming and environmental disasters in the process.

This feeling of impending doom, fueled my choice to unlock the power of psychology for sustainable solutions. Still working on it 😉