What’s in a logo?

Take your time to say goodbye to the old embrace the new

For me, this image shows a metaphor for what nature and stepping outside your routines can do.

Besides, the image gives me a pleasant feeling when I look at it. It’s somehow soothing, just as being in nature is.

The image also tells me I need to feed the process, to nurture my brain… or is that my alter ego taking a leak? 😉

Just, kidding.
(That’s what sprang to my mind when I first saw a small thumbnail of the logo, see below).

But it’s true: all things you value, need attention to grow. That’s why I embark on a six month journey and learn to know myself, wilderness and my nature connection in a new way.

PS: Psychologists mapped and disentangled the nurturing effect of nature on the brain. And distilled the most effective behaviors to strengthen the connection with nature. I hope to share some insights with you in a future post.