Why do I hike the Pacific Crest Trail?

In my New Year’s video message, I said the best thing to do is to keep on walking.

I am very happy start the full Pacific Crest trail soon. A wilderness path all the way from Mexico to Canada. So I will be sleeping in a little tent for six months! Carrying all I need on my back.

Why do want to go on such a super long hike? I feel the need to look at my life & work from a different perspective. To feel what’s important to, to see what I want to focus on.

I go alone, because when you travel alone, you primarily meet yourself. It’s also an inner journey for me.

I will my miss my friends. And I will miss my love Lisa! She is a fan of my plan. That’s wonderful, because it’s not always easy. So I am thankful to her, it means a lot to me.

So how do I train? Well, in the video I show how a workout secret to look from a different perspective,

I will share my adventures and learnings here, my misfortunes and hopefully luck. So hope to see you around!  

Why do you go on this crazy yourney?” is the first question often asked. I know human decision making is often times rationalized after inner forces took the lead, just to get a grip on the complexity of life 🙂 But here is my answer. Plus I show an exercise secret.

PS: I got such a nice feedback from my New Years video message, I enclose it here in case you missed it. My takeaway from what I heard back? Life’s pretty serious as it is. An unexpected twist helps to lighten things up!